A manifesto for Scotland

Invest in Scotland’s Future: Both Votes Labour

A note from Kezia Dugdale

Faced with the choice between using the powers of the Scottish Parliament or carrying on with more cuts to schools, the NHS and other public services, Labour will use the powers to stop the cuts, invest in Scotland’s future and grow the economy.

So we make this simple anti-austerity pledge to the people of Scotland – a Labour Government will increase spending on our public services in real terms and stop the cuts to schools and other vital public services.

We want to create a Scotland where it is a young person’s potential, ambition and work rate that determine how far they get on in life - not where they were born. 
Only by investing in education and our vital public services can we make that Scotland a reality.

We will use the new tax powers to ensure those at the top of society pay their fair share, including a 50p top rate of tax on the richest 1%, so we can stop the cuts and invest in public services. These different choices mean we can make this anti-austerity pledge to the people of Scotland – spending on public services will rise in real terms.

Only by using both your votes for Labour can we stop the cuts and invest in the future of our economy.

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