Scottish Labour Students and Scottish Young Labour are at the heart of the labour movement in Scotland. With hundreds of members across the country, spanning a breadth of experience and political beliefs, we are united by Labour’s values of equality, democracy and social justice. We are devoted to debating, articulating and advancing the aims and ideals of the Labour Party in Scotland.

We are active on our university and college campuses, in our schools and in our local communities, helping to take Labour’s message to wider society and spread Labour values wherever we go. Scottish Young Labour is made up of all party members under the age of 27, and organised into eight regional groups. Scottish Labour Students is an affiliate organisation, part of Labour Students nationally and made up of students who join their university or college labour club.  We hold a joint annual conference where we debate policy, share skills and our elect our committees, as well as other national events such as Scottish Labour Students’ legendary Burns Supper, attracting top politicians and Labour Students from across the UK.

The events we hold are regular and diverse. Most of our university labour clubs meet each week and offer a wide range of events- from hosting speakers and chatting politics to playing laser quest and holding flat, pub and club crawls, we make sure everyone can get the most out of their time with us, from the seasoned activist to the politically curious.  Scottish Young Labour and Scottish Labour Students are both great places for people who maybe don’t know all there is to know about politics, but want to explore their views and get involved.

Both Scottish Labour Students and Scottish Young Labour are active campaigning forces. As well as regular door-knocking sessions with our local Labour groups, we mobilise on a national level during elections to win for Scottish Labour, most recently bringing students and young people from across Scotland to campaign for Gerard Killen in Rutherglen and win a majority for Labour in South Lanarkshire. We campaign on our campuses, fighting for changes like the Living Wage in our colleges and universities, electing Labour Students in our student unions, and winning arguments like the Glasgow University independence referendum.

Scottish Young Labour and Scottish Labour Students are a growing movement, full of ideas and aspiration for our society, and committed making them a reality. We are only as strong as our members- join today:

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